Eye Center

Thonglor Pet Hospital Eye Center is equipped with up-to-date diagnostic tools, including slit lamp biomicroscopy, Tonovet, gonioscopy, ocular ultrasonography, and electroretinography (ERG). With our experienced specialists together with sophisticated equipment, ophthalmic surgeries, ranging from basic to advanced, can be performed immediately in our center. Our services include eyelid surgery, eyelid mass removal, traumatic proptosis correction, corneal and scleral surgery. Phacoemulsification surgery is also our expertise. Moreover, latest medical procedures such as using contact lens in treating corneal ulcer, using filler injection in eyelid abnormality correction, stem cell, and laser therapy in glaucoma cases are also available in our eye center. We hope to achieve our ultimate goal which is to help the patient regain their vision.

Our center provides a wide range of surgical procedures including soft-tissue, orthopedic, spine&neuro, cataract, and endoscopy