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Success Story

This case is a 1-year-old Siberian Husky dog named Jacob. The owner saw that the left eye became opaque. Therefore, he hurried to go to inspect at Thonglor, Rangsit branch
The eye doctor examined in detail and found that the cataract was in an immature stage. The doctor, with the owner’s permission decided to undergo cataract surgery.

Q: Many people may wonder how young dogs have cataracts, why did this happen?
A: The common causes of cataracts come from breed, inherited, diabetic, inflammation and traumatic conditions.
In this case, breed predisposing was suspected because Siberian Husky is a breed that is prone to cataracts.

The next procedure is consisting of 2 steps which are
1. Complete eye examination:
– To ensure that there are no other eye disorders present. Therefore, when the cataract is removed, the dog’s vision should be recovered
– Begin with intraocular pressure measurement (IOP), retinal ultrasonography to examine the structure of the eye and retina
– Finally, using electroretinography to monitor retinal function
2. General physical examination:
– To assess the ASA score
– After blood tests and chest x-ray (in older cases, consider additional heart disease examinations) are acquired, the anesthesiologist will provide the most suitable anesthesia plan for the case.

In this case, IOL technique is suggested. The diameter of the lens is measured by ultrasonography. After determining the size, 12 mm lens is inserted to the dog’s eye and this surgery lasted only 15 minutes with no complications.
Generally, the success rate of cataract surgery is considerably high, resulting in regaining vision. Lens insertion is recommended in every case since it has the benefits of improving vision and prevention of the recurrent cataract.

tension wire technique

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